Our studio features a spacious, consistently heated yoga room, a large retail area, and changing rooms complete with showers, bathroom and lockers.

Fresh Air / Heat / Humidity

Our state of the art heating system brings a continuous cycle of fresh air purified by ultraviolet light systems in the yoga room. Our powerful humidifier will make sure your practice is juicy and our exhaust system and fans will keep the air moving. We employ three methods of heating our yoga room – Steam, convection and infrared heating will ensure that your class is a great temperature!

Anti-Microbial Carpet

Our yoga room floor is anti-microbial, allergenic, and slip resistant. The floor is cleaned regularly so you always have a clean space to practice.

Changing Rooms

Our men’s and women’s changing rooms come complete with everything you need.  Bathrooms, showers, hair dryers, lockers & cubbies to store your things!

Forget Something?

Don't worry: you can rent or buy yoga mats and towels and we sell water, electrolytes, and yoga gear at the studio!